Anne Harris meets Shelly Corkery: “I look at a team of people and I can feel the energy”

In a retail world turned upside down by the digital revolution, the leadership style of Brown Thomas’s fashion director includes a measure of “listen and wait” and careful attention to young people.

Anne Harris
6th Dec, 2019 - 9 min read

Regulating retail: “By carving price out, I have been able to resolve issues”

Thomas Hubert
6th Dec, 2019

When Shane Curran met Pete Smyth: Seven key learnings from the Potential Squared Podcast

Pete Smyth
6th Dec, 2019

Debt and Digicel: the inside story of why the markets are gearing up for a possible default

Denis O’Brien had the chance to pay off a big chunk of Digicel’s debt in 2015, but he turned it down. Now, Digicel bonds are falling in value, with the markets factoring in a possible default. Just what is going in? And what...

Sean Keyes
5th Dec, 2019 - 10 min read

Stephen Kinsella: Where are we going Part 5 – Is it time for a new political model?

Ireland’s political model evolved from our colonial history. We aren’t a colony anymore. What should our political model be now, in an era of weaponized interdependence?

Stephen Kinsella
5th Dec, 2019 - 8 min read

Austrian air control puts Ryanair subsidiary under watch

As ambulances met a Laudamotion flight at Dublin Airport, civil aviation officials increased their scrutiny of the Austrian low-fares airline. Is this a bump in the ascent of the company recently sold by a Formula 1 legend to Ryanair?

Thomas Hubert
5th Dec, 2019 - 5 min read
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Cash crunch: Why cash is key to the FAI’s money woes

Ian Kehoe
5th Dec, 2019 - 4 min read

“This is not my first rodeo“: The trials and tribulations of businessman Philip Marley

Francesca Comyn
4th Dec, 2019 - 12 min read

Mapping Goldman Sachs’ €8bn Irish debt maze: the structures, the litigation, the people and the profits

Thomas Hubert
3rd Dec, 2019 - 10 min read

Former senior central banker on Apple tax case, the tracker scandal and his new role as a regulator in the Channel Islands

Ian Kehoe
3rd Dec, 2019 - 19 min read

Dialling it up: the unfulfilled ambitions of a millionaire telecoms operator

Francesca Comyn
2nd Dec, 2019 - 17 min read

Marian O’Gorman: “I thought entrepreneurs were people who had helicopters”

Alison Cowzer
2nd Dec, 2019 - 26 min read

Taxman versus accountants: boom time deals under scrutiny in tax appeal row

Francesca Comyn
28th Nov, 2019 - 8 min read

From wind farms to recycling: Who is buying into (and financing) Ireland’s green wave?

Thomas Hubert
28th Nov, 2019 - 30 min read

Louis Walsh: "I didn't get into the business for money. Money was not my God"

Sam Smyth
4th Dec, 2019

Sam Smyth meets the pop svengali from Kiltimagh whose fame has long since eclipsed the boybands he represented. "I started at the bottom," Walsh says of his early years booking warm-up talent for showbands in the west of Ireland. Now he is a multi-millionaire with property investments in Ireland and Miami, and an enviable art collection. He talks to Smyth about his breakout years with Eurovision winner Johnny Logan and why Simon Cowell changed his life.

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Marley and me: ‘Get a real job and maybe the big boys will play with you again. I like you. But your (sic) struggling.’

Tom Lyons
4th Dec, 2019 - 5 min read

A catalyst for underperformance: how systemic risk and strategic failures are eroding the performance of the Irish banks

Constantin Gurdgiev
4th Dec, 2019 - 9 min read

Nixon legacy still shaping our world: Part 5 – China to Libra and beyond

John Looby
3rd Dec, 2019 - 8 min read

Innovating Ireland: Education part 2 – what we need to make Irish students, schools and colleges the best in the world

Ross Hunt
2nd Dec, 2019 - 14 min read

Earning power: Where we earn, what we earn, what sectors make the most and which are showing the most wage growth

Stephen Kinsella
29th Nov, 2019 - 10 min read

Innovating Ireland: Education part 1 – what has gone wrong and why the budget needs to increase by €2.5bn

Ross Hunt
29th Nov, 2019 - 6 min read

“Our love/hate relationship with the banks has created a highly toxic relationship between the banks, the state and customers. It’s corporate gas-lighting”

Ian Kehoe
28th Nov, 2019 - 6 min read

Energy security: when the urgent drives out the important, risks pile up

Stephen Kinsella
28th Nov, 2019 - 7 min read


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