Property trusts and boarding passes: Maltese-based Irish millionaire’s battle with taxman over €10.6m pension pot

An Irish businessman challenged an assessment by the Revenue Commissioners on a hefty pension distribution, claiming that he was living in Malta and had no home available to him in Ireland.

Ian Kehoe
14th Jan, 2020 - 13 min read

Mapping the multinationals: Unlocking Google’s €40bn Irish corporate empire

Thomas Hubert
16th Jan, 2020

James Whelton: “I was in this never ending cycle where, after I’d achieved one achievement, I’d need to get another. I was addicted to that stimulation“

John Reynolds
13th Jan, 2020

Boots on the ground: why Google had to pay $160m for Irish start-up Pointy

Google, Amazon and Walmart are positioning themselves to dominate ecommerce in the coming decade. That’s the reason Google acquired Dublin’s Pointy on Wednesday, for $160 million. We examine how the deal was done, who...

T. Lyons and S. Keyes
17th Jan, 2020 - 16 min read

From Iraq to the High Court: how Petrel’s deal with Tamraz-led group unravelled

Petrel Resources’ share price has been on a rollercoaster since it unveiled takeover plans by investors with deep connections in the Middle East. Less than six months into their honeymoon, the partners are lawyering up.

S. Keyes and T. Hubert
17th Jan, 2020 - 7 min read

Law in a golden age: The radical reimagining of the Supreme Court

The establishment of the Court of Appeal liberated Ireland’s highest court from the burden of workaday appeals. The result has been quietly transformative.

Francesca Comyn
14th Jan, 2020 - 28 min read
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As he prepares to buy the K Club, Irish entrepreneur Fetherston lines up sale of nursing home portfolio to €7.5bn French giant

Orpea Groupe, a French headquartered nursing care giant, has made an offer of well in excess of €100 million for TLC Nursing Homes, a move that makes it the preferred bidder

Tom Lyons
17th Jan, 2020 - 3 min read

Field of dreams: The epic dispute over Athlone Town’s €4.5 million soccer stadium

In 2007, Athlone Town FC unveiled a state-of-the-art stadium built with lottery funds and a mystery donor. Then the row over ownership began – and it continues to work its way through the courts. Just how did it come to this? And what happens next?

Francesca Comyn
17th Jan, 2020 - 10 min read

Ireland’s insurance exodus: Now Liberty pulls out of commercial liability and development bond market leaving businesses scrambling for cover

250 insurers have left the Irish market in the last six years – 117 in the last two. Liberty’s announcement fits into the narrative of a contracting market. Small businesses are among the hardest hit.

Sean Keyes
15th Jan, 2020 - 3 min read

“Pernicious” Communicorp ban on journalists a breach of impartiality and raises questions over the BAI: Michael McDowell

The ban on The Currency’s writers has been “lifted” but The Irish Times remains silenced. Michael McDowell, the former Attorney General and Minister for Justice, says it raises questions about the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Cait Caden
15th Jan, 2020 - 2 min read

Round two: Inside the data investigation at Independent News and Media

Some 16 months after being installed by the High Court, inspectors are preparing to move to Phase Two of the investigation into an alleged significant data breach in the media publisher

Tom Lyons
15th Jan, 2020 - 4 min read

Declan Black: “You have one reputation as a lawyer. Once you compromise yourself for a client, you are bought“

As managing partner of Mason Hayes & Curran, Declan Black heads a law firm with 90 partners and 500 staff. He talks about his rise to the top, the future of the profession and when to tell a client if they need to fight or settle.

Tom Lyons
15th Jan, 2020 - 19 min read

Brian Lee: “Nobody was doing this type of product in Ireland. We were the innovator, we were changing the patterns of the customers’ behaviour“

Chopped CEO Brian Lee has a background in carpentry but describes himself as also being a “Wheeler-Deeler” of his age. He is now the co-founder and CEO of healthy fast-food chain Chopped. His aim is to have Chopped on the same street as every McDonalds.

Alison Cowzer
13th Jan, 2020 - 25 min read

Roy Barrett profiled: the low key stockbroker tasked with rehabilitating Irish football

He has brokered some of Ireland’s biggest deals, steered Goodbody through the financial crisis and faced scrutiny by the highest authorities. Roy Barrett now chairs the beleaguered Football Association of Ireland – is he up to the task?

Tom Lyons
10th Jan, 2020 - 16 min read

Michael McDowell: "There are many things I think should be done; one of them is a wholly different approach to local government in Ireland...I look at Dublin. It’s a mess."

Sam Smyth
15th Jan, 2020

A slayer of dragons before judges and a white knight before parliament, Sam Smyth meets barrister and Senator Michael McDowell to talk politics, policing, power, bravery and freedom of the press. On the Progressive Democrats, he said: "We weren’t neoliberals. We just wanted to liberate Ireland from the dead hand of a half-century of State control of the economy." Having ruled himself out of contention for the next Dåil, might he run as Dublin’s first directly elected mayor?

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Rena Maycock: In Ireland, whatever it is about our DNA, we do not like success. And we certainly don’t celebrate it

Unlike the US where mistakes in business are seen as part of the journey, we fear failure because it may well be used as a stick to beat us with. That fear can see genuine talent shrink from the challenge and never even try.

Rena Maycock
17th Jan, 2020 - 5 min read

Stephen Kinsella: Promises, promises and the economics of elections

Politicians with control of the economy, can affect their electoral fortunes using the machinery of the state. This behaviour is bad for the economy, as it induces a political business cycle. Stephen Kinsella asks how credible are electoral promises, and what do they mean for Ireland for the next five years?

Stephen Kinsella
16th Jan, 2020 - 9 min read

Bobby Healy: “When you’re a butterfly you live every day as if it’s your last. Let’s try to make every one of those days a tiny little better for our little angels?“

This year, the technology entrepreneur Bobby Healy is joining a small number of DEBRA volunteers making an expedition deep into the Arctic Circle to raise some funds for this most worthwhile of causes. He explains why he is doing it.

Tom Lyons
16th Jan, 2020 - 3 min read

Food in 2020: six trends to watch over this year – and decade

From trade wards to the “starbuckification” of food retail, Aidan Connolly foresees disruption and opportunities in the year(s) ahead – with Irish farmers and food processors showing disparate levels of readiness in the face of upcoming challenges.

Aidan Connolly
14th Jan, 2020 - 11 min read

Fiscal Union – unsuitable as an acronym or at all?

The mention of a Fiscal Union is in line with the EU Commission’s 2019 tax harmonisation proposal to scrap the member state veto on direct taxation matters, especially corporation tax. Here is why.

Eoin O'Shea
13th Jan, 2020 - 4 min read

The macroeconomics of Irish dairy: how global rivals view Ireland

Contemptuous of red cheddar, but jealous of Irish rain: a new study by Bord Bia’s French counterpart assesses the performance of Ireland among the world’s top dairy exporters and holds some lessons for the industry here.

Thomas Hubert
10th Jan, 2020 - 6 min read

Stephen Kinsella on Intangible Ireland: “Could Ireland’s intangible boom bust?“

Intangible assets make up enormous amounts of the value generated by most companies. Yet, we barely know how to value them and we don’t know what might happen if they suddenly lose their value. Could Ireland’s intangible boom bust?

Stephen Kinsella
9th Jan, 2020 - 8 min read

Innovating Ireland: “We have tech and we have sea. Now we need to make Ireland a marine tech hub“

To really become a global hub, we need a new pre-fabricated, modular off-shore port system connected by bridge added to coastal towns around the island to facilitate short range electric, autonomous ferry services.

Ross Hunt
8th Jan, 2020 - 11 min read

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