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Currency Media Ltd, trading as The Currency, is based in Ireland. It was founded in 2019 by two Irish journalists called Tom Lyons and Ian Kehoe. Between them they have over 30 years of journalism experience working across television, radio and print.

Lyons is the company’s chief executive, and Kehoe is the editor. Both write extensively for The Currency – driving investigations, writing commentary and producing stories, podcasts and interviews. 




Our overarching philosophy is to create a platform for quality journalism; journalism that is fearless, focused and always interesting.


Our journalism is independent and will not be beholden to any corporate, sectoral or political interest – including our own. We will not self-censor our journalism out of fear, and we will not shy away from stories if we believe they are in the public interest.


We seek the truth, and we will publish that truth. We will endeavour at all times to be accurate and rigorous in our reporting. If we are wrong, we will admit it. If we are right, we will fight to prove it.


We ask hard questions and pursue hard stories. But we treat our subjects, and our readers with respect.


We are not driven by personal agendas, and our journalism seeks to be fair and impartial. We report fairly, analyse honestly and comment forthrightly on the issues, the people and the topics that matter.


Our mission is to create a product that is both sustainable and driven by quality. We are committed to investing in journalism and running a sustainable venture.

Our People

Francesca Comyn
Legal Editor

As Legal Editor, Francesca Comyn spearheads The Currency’s legal coverage, reporting on litigation, legislation and the business of law. An award-winning journalist, Francesca’s is the former legal correspondent for The Sunday Business Post and courts correspondent with Newstalk.

Stephen Kinsella
Chief Economics Writer

Stephen Kinsella is the chief economic writer for The Currency, spearheading its coverage of both the domestic and international economics. An economics professor at the University of Limerick, he has twice been named Economic Commentator of the Year. Stephen has written or edited five books.

Sam Smyth
Senior Contributor

Journalist, author and broadcaster Sam Smyth has uncovered some of the biggest Irish business scandals over the course of his career. He has been named Journalist of the Year on multiple occasions. He will report for The Currency on the personalities and issues that have defined Irish business.

Thomas Hubert
Senior Correspondent

Senior Correspondent Thomas Hubert writes on business, agriculture, food and the environment. He is a former correspondent with the BBC World Service, France 24 and Reuters. Thomas is also a former digital editor and news correspondent with the Irish Farmers Journal.

Rena Maycock
Business Columnist

Rena Maycock writes a column for The Currency from the coalface of Irish business, drawn from her experiences as both a corporate executive and entrepreneur. A former chief executive of iRadio Ireland, she has established several businesses including Intro matchmaker and Cilter Mobile.

Constantin Gurdgiev
Economic Columnist

Economist Constantin Gurdgiev writes on investment markets, as well as macroeconomic and geopolitical risk. He is Associate Professor of Finance at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Finance at Trinity College, Dublin.

Sean Keyes
Finance Correspondent

A specialist in equity research, Sean Keyes writes for the Currency on the Irish and international stock markets, bringing his rigorous analytical skills to in-depth profiles of major companies and sectors. Sean is a former managing editor of MoneyWeek in London.

Ian Kehoe

Ian Kehoe is the Editor of the Currency, driving investigations, writing commentary and producing stories, podcasts and interviews. A former editor of The Sunday Business Post, he is now a board member of the state broadcaster RTE. He has been named Business Journalist of the year twice.

Anne Harris
Leadership Columnist

Anne Harris has been one of the country’s leading journalists and editors for more than three decades. She writes for The Currency on leadership, management and life lessons. Anne is a former editor of the Sunday Independent and Image magazine.

Pete Smyth
Host, Potential Squared

Entrepreneur Pete Smyth presents Potential Squared, a podcast that uncovers world class, actionable insights from leaders in business, sports, politics and the arts. Pete is an experienced investor, company mentor and is the founder of Broadlake.

Tom Lyons
Chief Executive

Tom Lyons is the Chief Executive of The Currency. Named Business Journalist of the Year on three occasions, he won plaudits and respect for his unflinching coverage of Ireland’s boom, bust and recovery. He is an experienced broadcaster and the co-author of two books.

John Looby
Investment Strategist

Global equity expert John Looby writes on the financial markets. Utilising three decades of trading experience, he provides the inside take on equities, the fixed income markets and the dynamic between money and politics. He is a senior portfolio manager with KBI Global Investors.

Michael Murray
Markets Analyst

Markets expert Michael Murray writes about investment opportunities, drawing from 40 years’ experience as an investor. A former adviser on the internal market at the European Commission, he worked as an international corporate bankers and capital markets editor of The Sunday Business Post.

Ross Hunt
Innovation Columnist

Ross Hunt is the co-founder of Cainthus, a computer vision company dedicated to bringing low-cost, high-frequency measurement to agriculture. Ross has on the Exponential Advisory Board of Singularity University and worked with Comex McKinnon, ARPA-e, Otherlab and the EU.

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