A World Health Organization team found that the measures imposed by Chinese officials—which relied primarily on quarantines, social distancing, and tracing known contacts of Covid-19 patients—may have saved hundreds of thousands of people from infection.


How I’m keeping my Chinese-based business going through the Covid-19 crisis

Ian Lahiffe has been running a business for in China during the Covid-19 lockdown for the past five weeks. Here, he outlines the practical implications of remotely operating a business and offers tips to navigate the crisis.

3rd Mar, 2020 - 6 min read

We are clearly reaching peak Covid-19 panic stations. In one week, fears about the Covid-19 virus wiped 15 per cent off the value of the US Stock market.  As the Corona Virus spreads across Europe, it looks increasingly likely that more extreme measures will need to be taken in order to limit the spread of the virus. In Ireland, as the first cases are announced, fear begins to spread and even schools are closing. The next step will involve businesses asking staff to work from home.  

Now in my fifth week, I am a relative veteran of this situation, as I continue to run a business in China during the Covid-19 lockdown. Our commercial and office staff are...

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