Green lanes and costly containers: Keeping supply chains immune from Covid-19

Authorities are balancing health restrictions with the need to keep essential supplies moving across Europe, but trade further afield is beginning to feel the ripple effects of the pandemic, with shortages of Chinese-made goods emerging and freight rates going through the roof.

23rd Mar, 2020 - 7 min read
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As The Currency’s team joined thousands across the country in working remotely to prevent the spread of Covid-19, I went on the hunt for a wireless broadband modem to supplement the unreliable wired connection into my rural home more than one week ago. 

The machines sold by the main Irish networks are made by Huawei. “We’re out of stock. They come from China and… you know,” a Vodafone shop employee said to me, putting up his latex-gloved hands. I received the same response in other outlets. To this date, shipments have not arrived. The Huawei home wireless broadband modem is also unavailable from eir. 

This is the nightmare...

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