Irish international Jack Byrne scores for Shamrock Rovers: could the League of Ireland produce more top players?


Innovating Ireland: why and how we should run a football club in the Premier League

Building on the ruins of the FAI, a new approach inspired by the ill-fated transfer of Wimbledon FC to Dublin and the success of Leinster Rugby could bring Irish players back to the forefront of the world’s most popular game – and lift all boats for clubs around the country.

23rd Jul, 2020 - 18 min read

It is said that the time of greatest opportunity often occurs at the time of greatest crisis, so it seems apt to explore innovation opportunities in Irish football, particularly if there may be an opportunity to have Ireland beamed into almost a billion homes each week while also creating a sports science and technology cluster that could improve the standard of all sports in Ireland.

I leave the detail on how things got so bad to others, as there are far better-equipped folk in the media than myself currently picking the

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