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To revive economy, do policymakers need to think like management consultants?

Indigenous Irish firms need more than a package of ad-hoc business supports – they require a clear government strategy to help them transition their businesses to a new economy. And if you look internationally, you can see a suite of options that would work in Ireland.

14th May, 2020 - 13 min read

After weeks locked behind closed doors the Irish people will soon slowly start to emerge and begin to rebuild our economy. But we will find a world changed utterly. Planes will still be grounded, most borders effectively closed, and social distancing will remain for months, if not years.

Any idea that our economy will “bounce back” quickly is wishful thinking. Early data from China shows that more than a month after lifting restrictions; discretionary spending by consumers is down 40%, only 20% of restaurant workers had returned to work, and even in manufacturing typically 80-90% of jobs had returned.

The policy challenge for the Irish...

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