The developer Greg Kavanagh.

Fights, provocation and high fashion: The bitter dispute that almost tore the Kavanagh property empire apart

Hugh and Greg Kavanagh were so close they were called Siamese twins. But the relationship fractured. Now, as they prepare to settle their legal dispute, we examine the bitter row that almost tore a property empire apart.

15th May, 2020 - 12 min read

On March 7, 2020, Wales suffered its third successive defeat in the Six Nations, losing 33-30 to England at Twickenham. Hugh Kavanagh, brother of the well-known developer Greg Kavanagh, went to the pub with his wife Julie to catch the game.

Ireland was supposed to play Italy at the Aviva stadium on the same day but the match was called off due to concerns about Italian tourists spreading the coronavirus. 

Over the course of an afternoon in the pub, Hugh Kavanagh claims he received 27 WhatsApp messages from disgruntled building contractors looking for money owed to them. 

By his account outlined in legal filings, the...

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