Mark O’Reilly, the founder of Fitvision.

“We can see some employees in companies are struggling, and are more stressed, more anxious”

Mark O’Reilly’s company Fitvision provides corporate and physical wellness classes to about 10,000 people each week. The classes may have moved online as a result of Covid-19, but the former footballer believes that wellness has never been more crucial for staff.

22nd May, 2020 - 4 min read

Almost six years ago former footballer Mark O’Reilly was putting Paul Marchant, chief executive of Primark, through his fitness paces when talk turned to business. O’Reilly was just 23. He’d played underage soccer for Ireland, and tried to make it in England. He had recently returned from playing soccer semi-professionally in Australia, and gone into the personal training business.

While in Australia, O’Reilly had seen how corporate wellness had become a booming industry. When he came back to Ireland, he started working in a Dublin gym and Marchant was one of his early clients. The two started talking and O’Reilly told him about his plans for...

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