Aryzta Chairman Gary McGann. Photo: Bryan Meade

Aryzta activist targeting McGann’s chairmanship: “It’s not about the people, it’s all about the business”

Gregor Greber, co-founder of Swiss investment firm Veraison, speaks exclusively to The Currency as he joins forces with disgruntled shareholders to remove all Irish directors from Aryzta’s board.

21st May, 2020 - 3 min read

The Swiss investment manager leading the group formed by Aryzta’s two largest shareholders has told The Currency that they intend to remove chairman Gary McGann and have a new board in place by the time a strategic review of the company is completed at the end of July.

“We support this review but think people with a baking industry background need to understand what those options are, therefore is good to have new board members with industry expertise to evaluate those options in the interest of shareholders,” says Gregor Greber, co-founder of