Thomas O’Connell, the founder of mobility startup Moby

As the lockdown eases, mobility startup Moby is betting on people taking up electric bikes

The Dublin company has spent the last year crossing hurdles to get its e-bike-sharing scheme up and running and is now contending with a changing city landscape post-pandemic.

10th Jun, 2020 - 5 min read

Thomas O’Connell had big plans for the start of April. His company Moby was planning to launch its electric bike-sharing scheme in Dublin. But, like pretty much everything else, the coronavirus put a spanner in the works.

After a year securing the licence from Dublin City Council, sourcing bikes and software, and wrangling for insurance, it was yet another hurdle for Moby.

The company had already run a test on the campus of DCU in February with 30 e-bikes, which assist pedalling with an electric motor that can reach speeds of around 25km/hr. As government restrictions came into effect in mid-March, Moby put some of those bikes to use by...

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