“Perhaps getting old is like developing a telescopic vision, you can see the then and the now simultaneously”

America’s 2020 crisis has extraordinary parallels with 1968. The assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy unleashed a summer of widespread civil disorder resulting in the November election of Nixon as the ‘law and order’ President.

20th Jun, 2020 - 13 min read

To paraphrase WB Yeats: ‘Is that the ghost of Richard Nixon, beating on the door?’

Is ‘tricky Dickie’ back again, proclaiming himself as the President for ‘law and order; standing outside St John’s Church, holding the bible amid the clouds of tear gas and summoning the ‘silent majority’?

For those who, like this writer, lived through the extraordinary events of America in 1968, the sense of Deja vu was intense watching Donald Trump in recent weeks, stepping into the shoes of America’s great political Beelzebub. Trump’s presidency is deep in crisis and the prospect of electoral melt-down looms.  

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