Bidders are back around the ring at Carnaross Mart, but many continue to buy online. Photo: Thomas Hubert

Going, going, gone: The race is on to get Ireland’s 100 marts online

Live streams, smartphone bids and USB gavels became features of livestock sales as soon as the Covid-19 lockdown closed marts to the public. Technology providers are vying for this business, which appears to be here to stay.

26th Jun, 2020 - 9 min read

It is the second cattle sale since livestock sales can again take place with buyers present at the ringside, and Carnaross Mart in Co Meath is surrounded by the usual throng of lorries and trailers. Things are different, though: farmers must sanitise their hands and wear surgical gloves before entering the lairage area to examine animals before the sale, and physically distant positions are marked with yellow tape around the ring, with just three people now allowed to stand against the railings where groups would normally congregate for the most heated bidding. Everyone seems happy to follow the rules.

At 11 o’clock, the auctioneer opens the sale with...

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