Entrepreneur and columnist with The Currency Rena Maycock. Photo: Bryan Meade


“Come back, but only if you really feel like it” – Mental health and wellbeing quietly leaps to the forefront of employers’ agenda in post-Covid recovery

Can employers oblige every individual’s return-to-work-rider? If they don’t, or rather, can’t, then where does that leave employee/employer relations? Queuing down the Labour Court?

29th Jun, 2020 - 6 min read

As the country has begun to awaken, I find myself envious of sectors like retail or construction where the path back to trading is delightfully straight-forward because physical presence is mission-critical.

Everyone must simply come back to the workplace as before, albeit with more yellow signage, floor tape and cognizance of proximity to other humans. For the rest of us, however, despite the issuance of guidelines and the provision of checklists and templates, there is still a crippling ambiguity around how we manage to ease our teams back into an office environment, or if at all.

For any role that workplace presence is non-essential,...

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