Social housing construction site on Dublin’s Lower Dominick St. Photo: William Murphy


Just how much social housing is the state actually building?

Official figures show that the delivery of new social housing is increasingly reliant on the purchase of “turnkey” units from private developers. Sinn Féin Housing Spokesperson Eoin Ó Broin argues that the draft Programme for Government offers no solution to replace them with direct development by social housing bodies, which would be cheaper and more suitable.

26th Jun, 2020 - 6 min read

The draft Programme for Government commits to deliver 50,000 social homes over the next five years. The document promises to have an emphasis on “new builds”. Fianna Fáil, in particular, wants to see a move away from the purchase of private homes for social housing supply.

To assess whether this 10,000 new build target is credible, we first need to know how many social homes were built by the state in 2019. You would think that this is a relatively easy...

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