Workhuman CEO Eric Mosley.

“You can never have long term success if you are playing in someone else’s market. You need to create your own.”

Eric Mosley has achieved something extremely rare – he has built a unicorn from scratch. In this revealing interview, the Dublin tech entrepreneur talks customers, investors and finance, and explains why you need to own your own market.

26th Jun, 2020 - 18 min read

This week was the end of a long journey, and beginning of a new one for Eric Mosley. Over 21 years, with little fuss or fanfare, the 49-year-old Dubliner has built an extraordinary business worth more than $1 billion.

Mosley and his team of 700 people, has built a sophisticated software platform that helps businesses build cultures of gratitude and human connection. The result is a happier workforce that works harder, better and sticks around. Called Workhuman, the company now joins a select pantheon of Irish tech businesses to achieve unicorn status. In a revealing interview, Mosley explains how he did it and what comes...

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