Peter Kinsella: “Cash account balances at the US Treasury suggest that a large package is in the offing.”


The US presidential election holds significant risks for investors (and Ireland’s glut of FDI)

Expect significant equity market volatility in the coming months, and this will become more pronounced the closer we get to election day, especially if polls have not narrowed and Joe Biden remains in the lead.

28th Jul, 2020 - 6 min read

US presidential elections are highly important events for global investors. Changing personalities and administrations at the top of the world’s current hyperpower are very important developments for investors because of potential changes to fiscal priorities and international relations – not to mention trade relations. The forthcoming US presidential election will be no different, in part because the two candidates for the presidency hold divergent views on a number of key issues.

As this column argued a number of weeks ago, US President Donald Trump is way behind in the opinion polls, particularly in the key swing states. Trump is polling well...

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