Copper Face Jacks on Dublin’s Harcourt St.

See you in Coppers: 12 years of multi-million profits at Ireland’s most successful nightclub

Copper Face Jacks is always in the headlines, whether it is for celebrity sightings, going up for sale or paying astronomical dividends to its owners. Year after year, however, it has been an impressively steady money-making machine.

10th Jul, 2020 - 5 min read

It was November 2013 and Elon Musk was ready to let his hair down in Dublin. Earlier that day, he had enthralled the crowd at the Dublin Web Summit with tales of space exploration and electric cars. 

Now it was coming up to 2am, and Musk was in Copper Face Jacks, the Dublin nightclub on Harcourt Street. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX mingled happily, enjoying the ritual of a visit to a nightclub that is best known for hosting everyone from victorious Dublin GAA teams to younger politicians on the lash after the close of the Dáil.

As Musk, a multi-billionaire, entered the nightclub, he probably didn’t notice Cathal Jackson manning the...

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