The trading room at Goodbody Stockbrokers. Photo: YouTube

Chinese walls of silence: How Goodbody sale failed, and when will Davy return?

For the second time in two years, a deal to sell Goodbody to a Chinese buyer has fallen through. How long will it be before Fexco is talking to Davy?

10th Jul, 2020 - 5 min read

At 3.42pm on Friday, it was finally all over. Roy Barrett, the managing director of Goodbody, issued an email to staff and select clients announcing that the proposed sale of Goodbody to Bank of China was “terminated.”

“Due to the global impact and uncertainty presented by the COVID-19 crisis, Bank of China is no longer in a position to complete the proposed transaction at this time,” Barrett said. “Goodbody and Bank of China will nevertheless explore other avenues for mutually beneficial collaboration and business development.” Barrett had known for some time the €155 million sale was potentially slipping away. 

Over a month ago Bank of...

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