Entrepreneur and columnist with The Currency Rena Maycock. Photo: Bryan Meade


Managing through an emerging reality: How Covid-19 has been the catalyst for the employee revolution

When ‘change management’ first started to enter the business vernacular in the nineties, I don’t think the executives discussing it ever thought there could be quite THIS much change to manage.

20th Jul, 2020 - 6 min read

2020 has thus far seen a total and permanent upheaval in how most, if not all, businesses operate. What was once a clearly worn path for all levels of management to get the most from their teams, has now been covered in an avalanche of obstacles as new dynamics between employees and employers has emerged, with flexible working arrangements at their core that have destabilized the foundations upon which traditional management practices were built.

Human resource departments are (quite rightly based on the unique and gargantuan tasks that have been foisted upon them since March), enjoying their moment in the sun, but ultimately the job of keeping staff...

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