The House of Ireland flagship store on Dublin’s Grafton Street


“Most people see the economy through the shops and pubs in their towns and villages, rather than multinationals or the IFSC”

Hit by changing consumer trends and market dynamics, the indigenous retail sector was already stressed prior to Covid-19. The pandemic has made a bad situation worse. And the government is acutely aware of the problems that this will pose to consumer confidence.

27th Jul, 2020 - 7 min read

Listening to Paschal Donohoe last week, I could not help but think of House of Ireland.

I met the finance minister in his office on Merrion Street shortly after the July Stimulus Plan, a €5.1 billion effort to keep the economy breathing, had been finalised.

Donohoe took me though the main elements of the plan – the general Vat reduction, the stay and spend initiative, and the extension of the Wage Subsidy Scheme – and outlined the philosophy and...

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