The Currency’s Chief Economics Writer Stephen Kinsella. Photo: Bryan Meade


Stephen Kinsella: “The pandemic payment holiday rule was a mistake. Fix it and move on”

How is it that pandemic income support policies that, at their peak, supported almost half of the entire workforce are being trashed in the national media? What can we do to stop that?

29th Jul, 2020 - 5 min read

Public policies are the instruments through which our values are authoritatively allocated across our society. Policies are the ways governments can bring about ends that affect how we interact with each other.

How do you measure success? When it comes to policies, you have to measure it relative to the initial intention of the policy. For policies to be successful, they should have clear and achievable goals, and meet those original goals.

Think about the 2002 plastic bag levy. Before the policy was brought in, Ireland used 1.3 billion plastic bags, some 5 per cent of...

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