A street in Hong Kong: could this be the look of a new city in the west of Ireland? Photo: Thomas Hubert


Hong Kong in Kiltyclogher: why the idea is not so crazy

An Asian tycoon has suggested Ireland as a new haven for Hong Kong residents and businesses facing the tightening grip of China. The initial reaction consisted mostly of eye-rolling. Yet a body of work on charter cities shows how they may or may not function.

30th Jul, 2020 - 8 min read

Businessman Ivan Ko of the Victoria Harbour Group wants to build a new city in Ireland. Ko’s idea, first reported by Ben Haugh of The Times, is to bring the people of Hong Kong – and their capital – to plan, build, and control this new city. 

The increasing dominance of mainland China in Hong Kong’s affairs provides a supply of willing and wealthy emigrants, who wish to leave what they see as a draconian regime. Those migrants would benefit greatly from the stable democracy Ireland enjoys. The...

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