Damien Kilgannon

Launched in the midst of a pandemic, Sula Health wants to help solve sleep deprivation

Having raised money from angel investors, Sula Health launched this month. Its founder Damien Kilgannon talks about the company’s mission and what it was like going live in the midst of a global crisis.

31st Jul, 2020 - 2 min read

Damien Kilgannon has gone with his gut. In recent weeks, the engineer and co-founder of Sula Health launched its new light-therapy glasses and app, catering to the jet-lagged, shift workers, and assorted insomniacs.

The product has been in the works for about three years. It was gearing up to raise seed funding in January when Covid-19 struck, and the round was suspended. Now, Kilgannon has decided to launch the product mid-pandemic.

“There were angel investors already interested in the business and committed to working with us,” says Kilgannon. One of these was former Aer Lingus CEO Dermot Mannion, who has also been advising the business...

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