US property group Hines’s Aparto student residence on Dublin’s Dorset St. Photo: Thomas Hubert

Is student housing the next big property play or just another bubble?

Higher education is about community and conversation as much as instruction. That's why in-person higher education is here to stay. To match demand, Ireland needs to more than double its student accommodation in the next ten years.

9th Sep, 2020 - 8 min read

Covid-19 has changed many sectors, perhaps fundamentally in many cases. We are not sure yet what global tourism will look like when it recovers. While the way we socialise is likely to have been upended, if not permanently then at least for the next few years to come. How and where we live, work and relax appear to have undergone a dramatic shift – in many regards the realisation of the technophile’s dream, with an internet connection replacing physical proximity as the key ingredient.

How and where we learn is also fundamentally changing. While pre-primary, primary and secondary education are – understandably – trying to steer as close to business as...

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