Calculated grades are a flawed concept. Instead, the government should have moved exams online and revamped the system

We had the tools, we knew what to do, but when a crisis hit, we ignored all this and tried to figure out how to keep things the way they are. That is why the process behind today's Leaving cert results are deeply flawed and utterly dispiriting.

7th Sep, 2020 - 14 min read

During the pandemic, there has been a trend of forced innovation whereby practices that could and should have been adopted over the last few years are now being accelerated into day-to-day life due to necessity. An easy example of this is The Medicinal Products (Prescription and Control of Supply Amendment) Regulations 2020, which was passed in April in response to the pandemic and means you no longer need a piece of paper that your GP has written on to access prescription medication.

So, a simple piece of legislation killed a needless, systematic inefficiency in our health system maintained until now by the curious logic that paper and handwriting is...

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