CEO and founder of MediaHQ Jack Murray.

“I think there’s going to be much more consolidation in media. I think titles will either merge or fail. The market in Ireland is too small.”

Jack Murray has built Media HQ, a digital contacts book with 70,000 profiles, to help clients effectively communicate and tell stories without getting bogged down in finding the right people. He talks about developing the business, plans for expansion and his new book on storytelling.

14th Sep, 2020 - 26 min read

Jack Murray grew up in the west of Ireland town Ballinasloe. In his younger years, he worked in his family’s farm supplies shop, a venture brought to life b his great grandfather. While working there, he picked up life lessons that served him as a journalist, a press officer and later an entrepreneur himself. One of the most valuable lessons he learned was to know your audience.

This was instilled in him by his father, who took over the family business. Joe Murray kept the business alive by changing it up to the needs of his customers and not just by adapting to change.

This idea of knowing your audience well is at the core of Jack...

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