Mark Roden, founder and Chief Executive of mobile top-up service, Ding

Dialling it up: the unfulfilled ambitions of a millionaire telecoms operator

Serial entrepreneur Mark Roden has achieved global success with his mobile top-up service, Ding. He explains why it's not good enough

2nd Dec, 2019 - 17 min read

Mark Roden isn’t one for compliments or pats on the back. Introductions out of the way, I kick off the interview by remarking on the phenomenal success of Ding, the worldwide mobile top-up service he founded in 2006 that makes it easy for people, often migrants working abroad, to send credit to any phone internationally. 

The serial entrepreneur immediately steps in to correct me. “I don’t think we’re phenomenally successful. I mean, I’m not doing this faux modesty stuff but we’re not. We should be a lot bigger than we are. And I take responsibility for that.”

Roden proceeds to make it clear that he is on a mission to achieve...

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