Prop-tech is creating digital solutions for tangible problems faced by stakeholders of the property industry.

Virtual realty: Can property technology provide fixes for Ireland’s broken housing market?

Prop-tech probably prompts thoughts of things like smart fridges or being able to control all the electrical elements in your house through one device. In reality, it’s a growing industry that focuses on planning, development, asset management and more. This piece aims to provide a comprehensive overview of how Ireland is embracing prop-tech.

18th Feb, 2020 -30 min read

Cait Caden


Ireland continues to be suffocated by issues facing its property sector. As the housing crisis continues to grow like an all-consuming monster, all stakeholders involved grapple to find the answers on how to tackle it. Thousands take to the streets and put pressure on the government by protesting against homelessness and high rents. Others gather in hotels to discuss the current situation and the best way to move towards solutions.

One such event took place at the end of 2019. In the Alex Hotel on Fenian Street, Property District Ireland, a PR agency for the planning, construction, property and prop-tech industries, held the Dublin Residential &...



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